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Collaboration is at the foundation of each and every step of our process. From beginning to end, we will work with you to design the best, most effective approach to address your individual business issues.


At our very first meeting with you and your stakeholders we’ll put our heads together to:
  • Review the business issues from every direction
  • Examine past work and results
  • Lay-out the competitive landscape
  • Develop testable hypotheses


  • Enumerate avenues of approach
  • Apply out-of-the-box thinking
  • Select the best approach and subsequent methodology to deliver the best, most actionable solution


  • Make recommendations for short & long-term solutions
  • Determine “hot-button” issues and the most pressing need
  • Construct preliminary budgets & timelines


On-going communication and meetings to ensure that your team of stakeholders and management stays actively involved and supports your decisions by:
  • Helping you manage expectations throughout your organization
  • Providing previews of important data points/direction as they become available
  • Preparing & presenting management/executive overview and updates as needed


When data is collected we will work together to:
  • Evaluate the findings
  • Apply additional analytics as needed
  • Establish standards for risk assessment & success factors
  • Develop a point of view & recommendations
  • Determine the best format for dissemination


  • We’ll help you bring the results of your project to life and help it find its way into your corporate culture & vernacular
  • Over time we’ve developed a host of exciting, innovate ways to share project results
  • From skits with live actors to consumer guidebooks, we’ll work with you to find the perfect way to guarantee that your hard work will not go unnoticed

Our method doesn’t end with the final presentation
  • We’ll stick with you to continue to apply the results to your business issues and help you turn the results into corporate action
  • As the market and business environment evolve, we’ll be available to revisit your project to look at the result with a new lens as necessary.


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