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North American Testing has the capabilities to generate highly representative samples for any research study. Samples may be drawn from extensive databases of United States and international households and businesses and can be highly focused in terms of individual demographics, characteristics and attributes. Or depending on the need and methodology, we can implement a random sampling process by direct qualification of respondents within a given population. North American Testing samples include, but are not limited to:
  • Nationally Representative Databases
  • International Databases and Sampling
  • Random Sampling
  • Radius Samples
  • Databases of Qualified Respondents
  • Panels- Business, Consumer, International
  • Probability Sampling
  • Proprietary Lists
  • Targeted Lists
For our on-line data collection, we offer our clients access to over 3,500,000 opted in US panelists and over 5,500,000 abroad.

For panel-based samples, we incorporate multiple, proven panels and partners to provide effective, representative populations designed specifically to meet the research objectives. This provides you with panel solutions that:
  • Target specific populations - consumer, business, demographics, and more than 25 profile questions
  • Include national and international representative samples and non-targeted sample to capture incidence
  • Incorporate multiple panels for projects with low incidence or large sample sizes
  • Provide sampling flexibility
North American Testing also effectively utilizes individual and unique client samples provided in virtually any format. Our extensive inventory of in-house word processing, spreadsheet, data processing and database management software is employed to prepare each specialized client sample or list for transition to the research data collection process.


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