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Brand, Product and Market Development

North American Testing has over 20 years experience in assisting companies with their product idea generation, consumer needs assessment and product development. Our extensive battery of tests and analysis are effectively utilized to not only develop new profitable products, but to modify and improve existing products. Opportunities Identification
North American Testing will identify existing product opportunities, current product weaknesses and strengths. To achieve this we evaluate, through qualitative and quantitative means the specific features and product attributes (or bundles of attributes) that are most important to consumers and what gaps exist in the current marketplace. This assessment is based not only on the consumer's product needs and preferences, but on their values, lifestyles and usage patterns…and where current gaps exist in the marketplace.
  • Observational Research: play patterns, ergonomics, in-home usage
  • Ethnographics
  • Problem Detection
  • A and U's
  • Lapsed Customer Studies
  • Current Market Profile
Consumer Preference/Product Design and Optimization
A new or improved product will only be as successful as its ability to satisfy and meet the needs of the consumer. To identify what features and product attributes are most important to consumers in a new or improved product, North American Testing incorporates a range research techniques including conjoint analysis and discrete choice modeling. Discrete choice models statistically relate the choice made by each person to the attributes of the person and the attributes of the alternatives available to the person

Refining the Strategy
Product development is most effective when combined with a thorough understanding of the customer and the potential market, its size and most profitable and least profitable segments. This is achieved through North American Testing's Market Segmentation, a tool that clearly segments an otherwise homogeneous market into key, well articulated and viable segments.

The New Concept(s)
North American Testing's concept testing of new product ideas or improvements is performed early on to obtain consumer feedback prior to extensive product cost expenditures. The effective concept test answers a number of questions including, which concept is most viable?, does the concept meet the consumer's needs?, what are the most important features or bundles of features?
  • Concept Screen: Best Bets
  • Concept Test: Perceived as "Good or Bad"
  • Benchmarked
  • Does the concept overcome hurdles?
Product Evaluation: Consumer Trial
Does the product deliver? Does it meet the consumer's needs? How is it perceived? Will they buy it? North American Testing evaluates the actual product or prototype through a variety of means. Actual prototypes or products are tested directly with consumers via:
  • Central location testing
  • In-home testing
  • Sensory testing
  • Product placement and Beta Site Testing
  • On-site shelf testing
Virtual products, or those without a working prototype may be tested via web survey, using state-of-the art flash programming which completely emulates the actual shopping (shelf test) experience.


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