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Communications Optimization

Effective communications is one of the keys to engaging the consumer and establishing the desired positioning for your products and brand.

Persuasive and pertinent communications are the foundation for awareness and ultimately increased market share. The right combination of message and media not only serve to motivate the consumer, but distinguish the benefits of your brand over the competition.

North American Testing Organization offers full inventory of communications development and assessment tools designed to ensure that your communications achieve the optimal results in terms of message, motivation, positioning and ultimately sales.

Media Analysis and Selection

North American Testing Organization incorporates models to identify which media channel or mix of channels will result in the most effective communications campaign and the highest ROI.

Information derived from the media analysis is often combined with results of the market segmentation to determine which media vehicles will best reach the most lucrative market segments first.

Ad and Copy Testing

We utilize specialized assessment tools to provide in-depth measurements of the advertising and copy's relevance, recall, effectiveness, appeal, motivation, resulting purchase intent and ability to deliver the desired message. We often perform ad testing using storyboards, animatics and prototype ads or spots.

North American Testing Organization specializes not only in testing among adult audiences, but among teens, tweens and kids as well.

Packaging and Logo Testing

Creative packaging is a vital form of communications, and when designed correctly will motivate the purchase, deliver your desired message and distinguish your brand from the competition. At the point of purchase, the packing may be the final motivator for the consumer to select your brand.

North American Testing Organization uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to assist you in the design and evaluation of packaging for both consumer and business to business products. Incorporating state of the art flash programming in on-line surveys allows the respondent not only to evaluate the packaging, but redesign packages in just minutes.

Promotions Assessment and Ad Tracking

North American Testing Organization's ad tracking provides all and/or each of the following:
  • A measure of the combined effect of the media weight or spending level
  • The effectiveness of the media buy or targeting
  • The quality of the advertising executions or creative
We incorporate a number of methods for effective ad tracking, including the longitudinal (or continuous) and the point-in-time methodologies.

Our continuous tracking design analyzes your advertising awareness over time, often in relation to ad spending; in addition, this method tracks your brand awareness. Based on these results we develop indices of effectiveness based on the strength of the correlations between ad spending and brand awareness.

In addition to the longitudinal or continuous ad tracking, our point in time tracking measures changes in ad awareness, brand and product awareness, purchase and future purchase intentions among the populations of key target markets. We can then isolate changes in awareness and behavior directly resulting from the advertising.


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