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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Increasing competition and fluctuating economies require that companies pay a greater level of attention to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Simply put, the cost of keeping an existing customer is considerably lower than the cost to generate and secure new customers.

North American Testing Organization's Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty research is designed to reduce customer attrition and identify the how's and why's the customer should and will stay loyal to your brand. Our satisfaction and loyalty research inventory includes point-in-time and tracking surveys.

Satisfaction Surveys

Point in Time Survey
The point-in-time survey may be administered just a few times per year or less. These satisfaction studies are "descriptive" in nature because they provide a snapshot in time of customer attitudes and perceptions.

Longitudinal or Tracking
When the satisfaction survey is administered to groups of customers on a periodic basis, then a more comprehensive and actionable overview of customer satisfaction and loyalty through time can be developed, which allows for your proactive responses prior to issues having meaningful impact.

In order to provide the complete complement of tools for measuring customer satisfaction, North American Testing Organization offers both:
  • Relationship Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Transactional Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Relationship Survey
The "relationship" survey asks the customer about all or most aspects of the service relationship or product/brand performance. North American Testing Organization's relationship surveys are comprehensive in nature and measure all key satisfaction indicators and differentiators pertaining to your brand-to-customer relationship. The relationship satisfaction survey is usually incorporated when on-going and specific customer-to-company service transactions are not prevalent.

Transaction Survey
The "transaction" survey focuses on the satisfaction with a specific transaction such as a customer service call, sales call, service call, visit to a medical professional etc. The transaction survey is usually administered shortly after the interaction between your company and the customer, while recall of the interaction is high.

Regardless of the type of survey (relationship or transactional) or whether a point-in-time or longitudinal (continuous) is utilized, North American Testing Organization provides our clients with a proven system that effectively navigates Customer Satisfaction measurement.

Meaningful Measurement
By using tools such as "Key Drivers Analysis" (evaluates the relationships among many factors to identify those that are most important in driving satisfaction), drawing on our extensive experience and having deep dive discussions with management and customers, North American Testing identifies those predictive metrics that truly drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Once identified, these are incorporated into the customer satisfaction survey instrument.

Intuitive Analysis
We administer a battery of analytic techniques to identify which processes or attributes individually or in unison will have the greatest impact on overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Analytics such as GAP analysis are employed to show just how the actual performance of your brand or service compares to the potential performance and how your satisfaction compares to your competition. As part of the analytic process North American Testing provides normative data and indices so you can compare your satisfaction levels with others in your category or industry.

Actionable Reporting
North American Testing reporting doesn't only include results, it includes meaningful and actionable recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our comprehensive and dashboard reports are user friendly and easily disseminated to those within your organization though interactive online (security protected) systems and secure downloads. Reporting can easily be personalized and distributed to specific managers and those whose activities directly affect customer satisfaction for immediate action.


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