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Mail Based Data Collection

North American Testing Organization distributes millions of specialized, highly effective mail surveys annually. Years of experience, coupled with diverse clients and markets has given us the opportunity to develop techniques which maximize survey response rates and ensure that data is representative, meaningful and achieves the highest level of quality and validity.

To ensure a cost-effective, accurate and reliable approach to mail surveying, North American Testing Organization takes advantage of state-of-the-art automation and technologies. These specialized, proven mail techniques serve to enhance all research studies through respondent anonymity, accurate population representation and streamlined processes.
  • Duplex OCR scanning of survey documents to reduce costs and increase quality of response data entry
  • Automated database tie-back to facilitate cost effective second mailings to non-responders
  • Clandestine identification of all survey respondents enabling accurate referencing of respondent data with survey responses
  • Automated quota/response tracking designed to ensure valid sampling for each target market (spacing for and each)


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