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Health Care Research

North American Testing's Health Care Research Group is dedicated to addressing the unique information needs and requirements of those who administer and support medical products, pharmaceuticals and health care delivery. We are well aware of the pressures faced by healthcare organizations due to intense competition, mergers and acquisitions, and independent/governmental scrutiny and regulations. As a result, North American Testing's Health Plan Group serves not only as a strategic market research partner, but as an advocate to all our health care clients.

Research studies are designed specifically for each client, their particular objectives and their individual markets. Each research tool takes into account the evolving requirements and evaluative criteria of organizations such as the NCQA, Joint Commission and HCFA. The result, powerful multidimensional instruments specifically geared to assist health care and medical companies in meeting all the challenges of growth, retention, quality assurance and regulatory scrutiny.

The North American Testing Health Plan Group serves health care and medical companies throughout the United States and abroad. This highly specialized group of research professionals is focused specifically on assisting health care organizations in gaining insight and developing action plans to effect positive change in the areas of:

  • Customer satisfaction, growth and retention
  • Departmental evaluations
  • Performance standards and compliance
  • Standardized regulatory requirements
Just some of our healthcare clients include:

  • Managed care organizations
  • Hospitals, health systems, and physician groups
  • Employer groups including statewide groups
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Medical supply distributors
  • Equipment and laboratory testing manufacturers
  • Medical advertising agencies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
Each year North American Testing collects vital information from:

  • Patients
  • Physicians and Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Benefits Managers
  • Health plan members
  • Administrators
  • Clinical personnel and technicians
  • Medical product purchasing decision makers
This information is essential to increasing quality assurance, satisfaction, retention and developing/marketing existing and new products and services. We collect and evaluate information from thousands of health plan members and professionals annually, which has allowed us to develop benchmark databases specifically designed to provide our clients with sources of comparative information on both national and regional levels.

North American Testing administers thousands of access and availability surveys each year for a wide range of health plans. You will find that we deliver the highest level of quality and accuracy for a minimum of expense.

Access and Availability Surveys

North American Testing ensures the accuracy and validity of all data collection and reporting of access and availability compliance, as you and those being evaluated depend on it.

Our successful access and availability telephone methodology includes both Appointment Access (administered during business hours) and After Hours Availability. Our tested access and availability program includes the complete and detailed application of individual standards and compliance, no matter how diverse from market to market.

You receive clear and accurate reports, comprehensive data files of the results and a complete range of support from an experienced team that knows access and availability.


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