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The Internet Connection

Representation, Accuracy and Quality Control

On-line data collection is offered to all North American Testing clients as a means to achieve rapid, highly cost-effective results for consumer, business and professional populations worldwide. North American Testing's expertise in Internet market research goes far beyond simply surveying or reporting. The company has and continues to partner with a worldwide network of on-line panel and information venues to reach the largest and most representative populations.

Our on-line data collection system provide the flexibility and power needed to design virtually any type of internet study, from the simplistic to extensive. On-line survey capabilities include basic question presentation through comprehensive and innovative flash programming.

North American Testing continues to stay at the forefront of this evolving medium with some of the most cutting edge Internet sampling and data collection technologies.
  • Real time online tabulations, analysis and field reporting for our clients
  • Innovative question presentation and superior design capabilities
  • Exceptional and comprehensive range of sampling options
  • Password protected surveys and sites
  • Multilingual translation and on-line survey administration
  • Highest degree of quality control—essential for valid response data.
We offer our clients access to over 3,500,000 opted in US panelists and over 5,500,000 abroad.

For panel-based samples, we incorporate multiple, proven panels to provide effective, targeted populations designed specifically to meet your research objectives. This provides you with panel solutions that:
  • Target specific populations - consumer, business, demographics, and more than 25 profile questions
  • Generate nationally representative samples and non-targeted sample to capture incidence
  • Incorporate multiple panels for projects with low incidence or large sample sizes
  • Provide domestic and worldwide solutions
  • Provide sampling flexibility
Sample quality and internet quality control are the keys to reliable and valid results. As a result, North American Testing Organization and our online partners have initiated comprehensive quality control procedures to ensure that surveys are accurate and the respondents are valid and representative of target populations.


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