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In Market Assessment

Refining and keeping your product in a competitive and viable position requires a flexible, on-going assessment of your product and the competitive marketplace. For new or mature products, it is essential that the product continues to deliver on its "promises" and retains the perception of a product with value.

North American Testing has the experience and tools to evaluate not only your current brand positioning, but the areas of strength and weakness that may affect your brand over the long term.

The goal is to identify and incorporate those marketing strategies that serve to strengthen your brand …one of the key assets of your company. Enhancing your brand requires a successful combination of quality products, communications including advertising and public relations, immediate and proactive responses to attacks on your brand, continuous research and development…all working together to maintain a positive brand image.

Our brand research inventory includes the tools required to:
  • Measure the strength of your brand
  • Maintain a positive image
  • Ability of your brand to support the extension of your product line
  • Track the key components of your brand to facilitate proactive brand management
  • Determine if your brand is meeting its consumer expectations and promises
  • Identify areas of potential brand value erosion
  • Pre-empt attacks on your brand and determine the most effective response
  • Determine the best possible marketing mix to maximize and strengthen your brand..including message, communications and media assessment
Tracking and Auditing

North American Testing incorporates both Tracking and Point-In-Time Research that measure all key areas of brand equity and brand performance including positioning, perception and image, satisfaction/loyalty, character and relationships. In addition, these proven tools provide you with real-time consumer information and recommendations needed to support your desired positioning through targeted media and message.
  • Awareness, Attitude and Usage Tracking
  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Brand Equity Point in Time Assessment
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Image Tracking
  • Store Audits and Shelf Assessment


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