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Media and Publishing

North American Testing Organization provides insightful, proactive market research for the for the film, television, music and video game industry. Our entertainment research solutions help companies understand and increase revenues from the evolving entertainment marketplace.

Our customized, international research solutions encompass techniques that help you to identify new opportunities and emerging market trends, track the competition, gain deep-dive insight into consumer preferences and motivation, identify and optimize promotional communications, monitor promotional and retail channels to identify and increase sales.

Our extensive experience and expertise in international consumer markets and comprehensive work with adults, teens, tweens and children are all brought to bear to provide our media clients with impactful, relevant and actionable market research.
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Print Media
  • On-line Media
  • Social Media
Hard Copy and On-Line Publication Research

North American Testing's readership and subscriber studies and creative, customized methodologies for trade and consumer publications have and continue to be designed and updated by a staff of researcher's each having over twenty years experience in the publication market research field.

Today's market research methodologies for publications and media include a wide range of on-line and traditional survey methodologies and include:

  • Advertising Measurement
  • Circulation Studies
  • Editorial Studies
  • Lapsed Subscriber Studies
  • New Launch Studies
  • Newsstand Studies
  • Readership Studies
  • Value Added Research


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