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In the global market place, not everyone has access to the internet and more often than not, email addresses are not available.

For those research projects in which clients want to survey their customers or clients or other targeted respondents, email addresses and even concentrated internet access may not be available. North American Testing has established a proven system to contact perspective respondents via telephone, mail or in-person, and route them to the on-line survey.

This is an extremely effective process that facilitates a significant response to otherwise difficult to reach populations, while reaping the cost benefits of on-line surveying.

For this purpose, North American Testing maintains a battery of simple URLs and password protection that allow respondents to easily access the on-line survey.
  • Recruit the respondent by telephone and route to on-line survey
  • Send out regular company mailings with the request to go to the on-line survey
  • Recruit the respondent in-person and have them complete the on-online survey on-site
  • Simple, easy to use URLs to access the survey (for ease of recall and typing in the URL)
  • Respondents are given unique numeric password to ensure respondent tracking and controlled survey access
Although this mixed methodology has and continues to be most effective in business-to-business research, it is also highly effective with global consumer populations. In these latter cases, North American Testing arranges for on-site recruiters (with laptops) at central locations, geographically dispersed within given regions (worldwide). Respondents are screened on-site and complete surveys on-line. The response data is captured immediately by our central hosting system.

The result, cost-effective, representative research with security, privacy and rapid turn-around.


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