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Qualitative Research

North American Testing Organization offers its clients a full range of qualitative research services. Our qualitative research staff includes moderators and in-depth interviewers, each with over 15 years experience in obtaining comprehensive factual, attitudinal, perceptual and behavioral information from respondents of all ages, backgrounds and professional levels.

North American Testing's qualitative field network includes dozens of specialized focus group and personal interviewing facilities nationwide. Each facility is equipped with the latest in audio, video, on-line interactive and video conference technology.

Focus Groups

Each year North American Testing performs focus groups at locations throughout the nation and abroad. Our qualitative research is designed to extract the information necessary from qualified consumers, executives and professionals for generating exploratory information and hypotheses.

North American Testing's staff of moderators have extensive experience and training in psychology and group dynamics. Moderators work closely with each client to ensure that they are completely familiar not only with the client's research objectives, but with the client's company, business and specific industry issues.

North American Testing's moderators and qualitative group specialists bring with them a wide range of techniques and methodologies designed to elicit the maximum amount of quality information from even the most difficult respondents.

In-Depth Interviews

North American Testing administers hundreds of in-depth personal interviews annually. In-depth interviews may be performed in a number of venues in order to ensure that respondents are comfortable and receptive to this comprehensive data collection process.
  • Central location interviewing
  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • Site interviewing performed at the respondents place of employment or home.


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