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Research Team

North American Testing Organization maintains complete resources in every area of study design, implementation and analysis. Clients benefit from an experienced staff of specialists in the fields of:
  • Project Design and administration
  • Questionnaire design and consultation
  • Sampling
  • Analytics
  • Data collection
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Database Management
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
At North American Testing we don't hand you off to an assembly line group of strangers. The individual who started with you at inception (the proposal phase), is your liaison and partner throughout the entire research process. This individual works directly with you and manages your project at every phase including developing your survey instrument and, along with his or her team, performs your personalized analysis, report and presentation.

Corporate Bios

Jay Zelinka, CEO
  Jay Zelinka, CEO

Jay Zelinka is the founder and Principal of North American Testing Organization. Jay has over 30 years of supplier-side research in consumer packaged goods, insurance, health care, and entertainment industries. Jay supervises and standardizes/validates all operations within company regarding field, recruiting, data accuracy and databases. He has managed strategic research and product testing for such companies as ConAgra, PepsiCo, Unilever, Disney, and Fox.

Jay is a graduate of Boston University with degrees in Biology and Psychology. After working at Harvard University, he went on to complete his MBA in Marketing.

Laura Schneck, President and CFO
  Laura Schneck, President and CFO

Lauran Schneck is President and CFO and has over 26 years of client-side research, including Hasbro (VP Worldwide Research), PepsiCo (International Research) where she was awarded Research Director of the year in 1999, and American Home Foods where she won an EFFIE for the strategic brand positioning work on PAM Cooking Spray. Laura has held Leadership positions at large corporations, testing many food, consumer packaged goods and entertainment products across multiple categories (GF, CPC, Nestle, AHF, Pepsi/Frito Lay, Hasbro)

Laura has been a guest speaker at many research conferences and has served as a panel member at ARF, IIRNY, and Esomar conferences. She has also been the subject of industry publications, including the Research Business Report and the Research Director's Report. She is a also a member and key participant in The Client Congress on Research Data Quality.

Tom Smith,
Senior Statistician
  Tom Smith, Senior Statistician

Tom Smith heads up the analytic team with over 25 years of experience as a statistician analyzing marketing, consumer, and social data. Tom specializes in the selection and application of techniques that use state-of-the-art, traditional, and ad hoc analytic approaches. He has developed unique strategies for use in attitude research, sample segmentation, and perceptual mapping. Tom is a key partner in all higher-order fundamental values-based work. He personally implements all detailed analyses and personally develops all models for profiling, positioning, and segmentation of population and products.

Tom has taught research design and statistical techniques at UCLA and USC and has served as a research consultant for the Veterans Administration and the California Department of Developmental Services

Christy Kennedy Vice President

Christy Kennedy, Vice President

Christy Kennedy is Vice President and has over 25 years of client and supplier-side research experience with several nationally recognized firms, including ConAgra Foods, The MARC Group, and Cheskin Research. She is highly experienced in developing and managing qualitative and quantitative research programs for a variety of consumer and business manufacturers and service industries, including Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Lance Foods, Borden, Nestle, ConAgra Foods, Disney, Xerox and Yahoo.

Christy places strong emphasis in designing consumer research programs to build brand identity, develop brand positioning, and identify key consumer segments. She is also experienced in identifying under-leveraged brand benefits and white-space opportunities for a variety of consumer packaged goods brands and in working with marketing teams to develop strategic growth plans.

Beth Beckett,
Project Director
  Beth Beckett, Project Director

Beth Beckett is a Project Director and has over 10 years of supplier-side market research experience. Prior to joining them in 2012, Beth served in research management roles with Lieberman Research Worldwide, Public Opinion Strategies, and Edison Research.

Beth has experience in designing and managing customer qualitative and quantitative market research studies for a wide range of clients, including Disney, Dean Foods, the US Chamber of Commerce, the American Beverage Association, and Verizon.


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