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Retail and Direct Marketing

If your business is selling directly to the consumer, than you know that consumer tastes, appetites and trends evolve on a continuous basis. Our retail and direct marketing research and consulting team not only provides you with the research results, but with the information, recommendations and action oriented insights to promote and keep your business dynamic and growing.
  • Big box stores
  • Chain stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Independent stores
  • Infomercials
  • On-line shopping and catalogs
  • Supermarkets
How do we help you? North American Testing Organization provides the research solutions to help you increase foot traffic, website visitation, and direct consumer sales. With tools such as Communications Optimization and Customer Satisfaction, we help you to understand your consumer, what motivates them, what makes them loyal and reduces attrition, what channels are most effective in reaching your consumer and getting them to visit your store..your site or respond to your direct marketing.

We help you integrate the key elements of location, perception and marketing, including maximizing the latest in promotional venues such as social networking sites, electronic marketing. Our research professionals have worked with and for some of the largest retailers: web based, stand alone and chain.

North American Testing Organization helps you to be innovative, proactive and provides the insight and actionable strategies to solidify and increase your customer base.


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